Letter to The Hon Julia Gillard MP

Dear Prime Minister,


The Serbs for Justice and Democracy Inc wishes to extend to you its congratulations on your ascension to become the Prime Minister of the Government of Australia. Your acceptance of this great and honourable position  can only confirm the great faith and support that you engender in your fellow Australians.

We have faith that you will lead this great country and the many and diverse citizens who selflessly contribute and support and make up this Australian community for the greater good of all. 

We also have faith that you will show compassion to those citizens in need and protect our Australian Citizens and their civil rights from pressures and challenges arising in the broader World and have Australia maintain its independent and respected position in the community of Nations of the World. 

It is with this faith that we believe that you with your Attorney General will uphold the interests of Australian Citizens as paramount and not allow Australian citizens to be extradited and sent unnecessarily to the whims of foreign Governments especially those foreign Governments that do not have reciprocal extradition agreements for their citizens.

Yours sincerely

Mr S Milanovic

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