Mr Danby,


RE:     Your
MOTION  proposed for 21 November




It is
with great concern that we write to you about your proposed motion which has
the potential to be divisive and unnecessary from Australia’s interest
perspective. You should avoid being drawn into the one-sided web of
misinformation born of a war-time propaganda campaign. You should withdraw this


The Politics of Division:

The human
tragedy arising from the destruction of the Former Yugoslavia in the 1990’s is
well recognized and Australia has accepted as Citizens many refugees and
migrants from that destruction of a European State into several smaller States
and Protectorates. The recently applied “politics of division” has resulted in
Bosnia’s population  being more divided
than ever into of the 3 Minority groups, Serbians, Croatians and Bosniaks. Each
group speaks the same language (but the politics of division have dictated that
each must have their own language – Serbian, Croatian and Bosniak). The analogy
is that if that policy were applied here, we would speak Australian, and
English would be a foreign language ( with the emphasis that we never spoke
English ever). Bosnia is a small territory, about the size of Tasmania. In
terms of religion, it has a Christian majority and a Muslim minority.


Misinformation born of a war-time propaganda

Recent disclosures have begun to unravel the
intricate web of misinformation behind the continued push by the Bosniak
Leadership to destabilize the peace brokered in the Dayton Accords with their
non-muslim countrymen. We refer you to 2002 Report “ Srebrenica: a ‘safe’ area” [1]
by the Dutch, as
their soldiers were in the Un contingent at that time.


In this regard we also draw your
attention to the 2011 Report “Deconstruction
Of A Virtual Genocide: An Intelligent Person’s Guide To Srebrenica”[2].
 We will email to you a copy of this work for
you to be better informed before you proceed with the proposed Motion.


Your attention will
be drawn to the over 3,350 men, women and children brutally murdered in the
villages surrounding Srebrenica by members of the Bosniak Army based in
Srebrenica. Even when, on the basis that the Bosniak Leadership and
Serbian-Bosnian Leadership agreed to the demilitarization of Srebrenica, the UN
declared it a Safe-Haven with only the UN personnel to carry weapons, no real
demilitarization occurred, the UN in Srebrenica did not disarm the Bosniak Army
between 1993-1995, and the Bosniaks used the time to regroup their Army Units
there and rearm. Their continued military incursions into surrounding civilian
areas could can only be said to be provocative.


Add to this the
Clinton-Izetbegovic arrangement, where the US President told the Bosniak Leader
that if 5,000 Bosniaks were to die, then the US and West would have a reason to
support the Bosniak Leadership and bomb the Bosnian Christians.


Then add to this the
subsequent US and West supported Operation Storm in early August 1995 in the
then neighboring  Republic of Serbian
Krajina, which the International Criminal Court at The Hague has found to be a
Crime Against Humanity. As many, if not more Serbian civilians were murdered by
the Croatians, yet will you call this genocide. In an effort to distract world
attention to this tragedy for over 300,000 indigenous Serbian Christians from that
region, US and Western public relations sought to cover its role in this human
tragedy and instead focus on the Serbian victims and make them the Perpetrators
and Villains ( as attack is the best form of defence, they say).  The result was to focus on the prior July
military events of the clash between the Bosniak Army Units and the
Serbian-Bosnian Army units around Srebrenica in neighbouring Bosnia and ignore
Operation Storm.


The Forensic Analysis:

We draw your
attention to the careful
pattern of injury analysis of some 3568 forensic case reports prepared by  ICTY Office of the Prosecutor’s experts and
Dr. Simic[3]
demonstration that:-


Firstly, that 44,4% of the cases do not refer to whole
bodies or significant portions of bodies at all, and that no forensically
significant conclusions can even be drawn from them. They refer, rather, to
just a few bones or body fragments grouped together and said to constitute a


Second, that there was considerable
variety in the pattern of injury so that while some cases were consistent with
the hypothesis of execution, many others were consistent with combat
casualties, while still others had to be categorised in other ways.


Finally, by pairing femur bones,
Dr. Simic demonstrated that in all the Srebrenica-related  graves which were exhumed by Tribunal
Prosecution forensic experts there was a total of 1919 human casualties (
Serbian, Bosniak and others), from all causes.


The ICTY findings:

The ICTY witnesses
have confirmed that the vast majority of men who died were killed in a
legitimate military action caused by Bosniak Army 25th Regiment
units of some 12,000 to 15,000 men advancing (or retreating)  from Srebrenica toward Tuzla and then
conflicting with the Bosnian-Serbian Army Units. There were military deaths of
men on all sides in this particular legitimate military action.


Are you perpetuating the ‘Srebrenica Myth’:

In paragraph 3 you
refer to “7,000” Bosniaks with the inference that they were all inferredly
‘captured’ or ‘taken’ on 12 July 1995. This is not true. The evidence is clear.
This figure is one used by the Bosniak Leadership in Bosnia to perpetuate the
Politics of Division. We draw your attention to the article : Srebrenica 15 Years After:
The Politicization of “Genocide”,
by Edward S. Herman.[4] Also only some 200 Serbian-Bosnian soldiers were needed to retake
Srebrenica, as the Bosniak Army had departed.


In paragraph 4 you
allege “systematically targeted executions”. This is not true. The vast
majority of those who died did so in a recognized legitimate military action.
Women and children were not killed, which is what one would expect in a Crime
against Humanity, such as US sponsored Operation Storm one month later.


In paragraph 5 you allege “intent to destroy
the Bosniaks”.  This is not true as the
Bosniaks number over 2 million in Bosnia, and the women and children in
Srebrenica were not killed. You need to read the 2011 Report  ”The SREBRENICA MASSACRE,  Evidence, Context, Politicsby
Professor Herman. We will send you a copy in an


In paragraph 6 you
allege “genocide” but this allegation is untrue, unless you use it in a
political context where the definition is convoluted to fit a political outcome
that is sought. The word is used by the Bosniak Leadership in Bosnia to
perpetuate the Politics of Division.


In paragraph 7 you
allege the ICTY has confirmed the allegations in your paragraphs 1 to 6. This
is untrue. Bosniak Leadership in Bosnia may seek to interpret things in their
own way for their political aspirations against their fellow Christian
citizens, but you should not join with them in this conspiracy. Please read the
attached article,”Srebrenica 15 Years After:”[5]



We call for you to not proceed with your proposed Motion as it will
reopen old wounds and bitter feeling within members of the Australian community
and propagate the demonization of the Christian Serbian community. In this
country which has a policy of non-discrimination and the fostering of  tolerance and harmony, your proposed action
does not propagate the same.


We believe that you are not making an informed decision, based on the
above submission to you, since ample evidence has surfaced pointing to the
deliberate cover up and manufacture of evidence.[For instance some of the so
called victims have only died recently in the last 5 years, and there is ample
evidence of other listed “victims” being alive and receiving Bosnian Pensions
as well as living under false names in USA, Canada, EU an AUSTRALIA.]


It is not
in the Australian interest to raise and support the politics of division, and
we ask that you withdraw your proposed Motion.






a ‘safe’ area, by  
 Nederlands Instituut voor Oorlogsdocumentatie
[Netherlands Institute for War Documentation, 2002 [ see



by the NGO Srebrenica Historical Project in
The Netherlands. 2011.


[4]The SREBRENICA MASSACRE,  Evidence, Context,
Politics “ Edited by Edward S.
Herman 2011. [

[5] Edward S. Herman, “Srebrenica
15 Years After


Serbs for Justice 18.11.2011


Download PDF version here

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