About us

“Serbs for Justice and Democracy”
Established and registered in Sydney 02.08.2006 and initiated by Serbian community leaders due to the need for protecting and promoting persons’ liberty and justice.
Who we are?
A lobby group of people of good will who stand for justice, defence of liberty and democratic and constitutional principles in Australia which by law are set out.
What are our goals?
Take an active part in the Australian democratic society with the view to protect human and civil rights of those of Serbian background who may not understand the laws of this country and its implications.
Our activities?
– the current one is to support the legal team who is defending Kapetan Dragan
– to raise awareness of what are the issues in defending the case (as to enable the group to talk to other members of the community who wish to know and donate)
– to raise the funds
– [and perhaps one that would look at the new review of the Extradition Act that may well affect the nationals of Fr Yugoslavia – for that one we need a group of young lawyers who will make an urgent submission to Dept of AG]